We follow the changing fashion trends all the time. New techniques of cutting require hairdresser’s creativity and constant education. We place much emphasis on client – hairdresser consultation. With the proper technique of cutting we make sure that you can perfectly style yourself at home. Creativity of cutting = unisex.

Hair up

In our IN hair art team, we also devote a lot of responsibility to hairdos and formal hairstyles. In most cases, it is a unique event or a special occasion (wedding, prom…and the hairstyle should be just like that. Charming, unique, one-of-a-kind. We understand the importance of the client’s event and she should leave relaxed and perfect on this special day. With we always have a thorough discussion with her and take her wishes into account as much as possible so that the result is as it should be.The satisfaction of our client is always our satisfaction.


Much attention in our salon is dedicated to drying and hair styling. Everyday look, glamorous look, messy style is the icing of the hair design. We want to give you the feeling that your hair breathes and moves gently… All of this is achieved by the proper selection of brands BALMAIN, MATRIX and MOROCCANOIL.

Hair care

We place great emphasis on our clients’ hair care that is why we constantly educate ourselves in this area. For intensive hair-care we use Matrix, Kerastase and Alterna products..

The little ones

No more fear of scissors and combs. At their first visit children learn what fashion trends are. When girls become little princesses and boys become brave knights we treat them with what they love most – candies.


Simple and professional manicures are a part of our services. Shellac is a revolutionary system of nail varnish, which provides a 14 days or more exceptional gloss, colour intensity. What is most important, it does not damage your nails.

Hair massage

Hair massage works healing, tonic and above all, relaxing. We want our clients to feel relaxed and forget about the outside world at least for a while. Therefore, washing hair is a relaxing introduction into …


In a time of boundless supplies of various products, we are fully aware that knowledge of products we use and hair structure, to which they are applied, is crucial to be able to achieve the desired results. The most important thing for us and our clients is that hair remains healthy and silky. From the classics, where precision and perfection are highly important, all the way to high creations, which require creativity and constant tracking of global trends, the path is strewn with constant education in the colouring field. Here we go hand in hand with Matrix. With the collections which we create every year we are a part of the team that dictates global fashion trends.

Anastasia eyebrows

Enjoy this new eyebrow technique with us. It is named after Anastasia Soare, a world-renowned care and eyebrow shaping queen will completely change the look of your entire face. The result of a perfect technique will open your eyes and look, your eyelids will lift up and the overall appearance of the face will be visible and fresh. Aanastasia eyebrow products wait for you in our salon.