IN hair art

IN hair art

IN hair art

Scissors are our tools to live our dreams. For us, every customer is an important customer, we want to offer them, in addition to professionalism and first-class services, also well-being, we want them to really feel comfortable, accepted and appreciated with us. We always strive for something new, and we expand our horizons by participating in many external projects. We never set limits and obstacles, we test ourselves and love new knowledge. We are proud of all our successes so far. It is a phenomenon that our Petra has taken us to the very top of the world’s hairdressing elite. At the thought of this, we are overcome with breathtaking sensations. Also because he always points out that the whole team is important and that we can only be so successful as a good team. We always think it’s most important that you keep a clear head and, first and foremost, a person in the true sense of the word. The values to which we attach the greatest importance in our work are: respect, expertise, professionalism and dedication.”

Petra Blatnik Maček

I am a professional in my work. I realize that it is important to have a whole team of people standing by my side, so that everyone adds their invaluable part to the whole. Ideas for new collections simmer and mature with me, but I can only develop them with the help of excellent colleagues AND the hair art team, who know how to follow me and read me between the lines. Projects require a lot of work, energy, resources, and behind them is a dedicated team of professionals. One of them is photographer Mimi Antolovič. For many years, we have also successfully cooperated with the Matrix brand, which is represented in Slovenia by NobelcosGroup. There are also stylists, make-up artists, models… Five nominations for the Hairdressing Oscar are a crown for me and the whole team and a great recognition. We all work from the idea to the realization of the project, and upon success, we are all honored and rewarded.

My attitude towards this mission that I perform is special, I always speak about it with great respect. Both to my profession and to the people who helped me and stood by me on my way to extraordinary success. I also respect my customers, I want to offer them only the best.

Mojca Čas

I have been in the hairdressing profession since 1995 and from the very beginning of my career I have been part of the In hair art team, which I am extremely proud of. When that door opened, I knew I was entering a slightly more special story, in the best possible sense, of course. I believed that hairdressing would be my profession already at the beginning of elementary school. And hair art gave me the opportunity to develop and grow in this incredibly creative profession where there are no boundaries. In the beginning, I only held scissors and a comb in my hands. A few years later, I added make-up brushes. I am also expanding my knowledge in the field of hand and nail care.

I like to be creative and because I have to keep up with trends and innovations in the world of hairstyles, make-up and nails all the time, I study and improve my knowledge abroad. I am an incredibly persistent person, both in my artistic profession and in my private life. I like to conquer the tops of hills and mountains, which fill me internally, and I also like to conquer the achievements of our In hair art team and the creative profession, which gives me the perfect opportunity for free expression, which nourishes my soul and at the same time gives me the opportunity to express myself.

Saša Verdinek

Even as a little girl, I flirted with the idea of ​​becoming a hairdresser when I grow up. Soon, however, this flirtation with the idea grew into a firm decision that I want to create in my life and to really become that. I acquired all my valuable knowledge here. With In hair art, I have been developing, growing, educating, progressing for many years. I am particularly pleased with numerous trainings and seminars at home and abroad.

I love playing with scissors when I cut women’s or men’s hair. My tools are primarily scissors and a brush. Pinning hair, hairstyles and braids is a pleasant challenge for me. I have an attitude of respect for this and the awareness that I am creating a work of art. I like to step out of the box and here I have that opportunity. A satisfied customer is my greatest and favorite reward.

Maja Oblak

Borders and frames do not exist for me, I always want to look beyond and beyond. Business and private. This profession has been very interesting to me since I was little, and over the years my passion for creativity has only grown. I can create and be Maja, who is bold and dares to do more. There are no limits here, there is an opportunity for creation and creativity without limits, and this makes me incredibly sophisticated.

My other virtue is Make up. I grabbed the opportunity to work in the In hair art team with both hands, I gained all the knowledge I have here. I have the opportunity to improve it at seminars in our country and abroad. I simply enjoy my work, it presents me with a challenge that improves me and makes my life even more experienced. I love being part of the In hair art team. There is no greater satisfaction than a satisfied customer, regardless of gender.

Tamara Jeršič

Joy and passion are the two words I associate with my chosen profession. Every day, I am fascinated by working in a very creative salon, where I gain new knowledge and diverse experiences. At the moment, my field of work is nail design, but at the same time, I am supplementing my skills with cutting and coloring.

I am aware of the opportunity that I was able to start my journey in such a perspective salon and in the company of great artists. I take this as a great privilege and I am grateful to learn from them, supplement existing and absorb new knowledge, develop and progress day by day and become more self-confident and sovereign.

Ema Kovač

Ever since I was little, I loved doing hair, making various braids, pigtails and creating different hairstyles. My joy and passion for hairdressing always grew. I enjoy how I can beautify and make people happy with my work. I decided to go to secondary hairdressing school in Maribor and graduated with honors. I enrolled in the hairdressing technician program to upgrade my skills.

Of course, I was looking for a professional salon where I can get a lot of knowledge in this field and I decided on IN hair art, because I like the pleasant atmosphere they create and I believe that in this salon I will have the opportunity to develop my skills and learn from the best.

Larisa Repnik

Curiosity about the world of hairdressing has been with me since I was little, and it led me to decide to use my creativity and skills in creating hairstyles and cutting hair. Hairdressing is my passion and the decision to pursue this career path stems from my love for creating beauty and perfecting people’s looks.

Ever since I came to the IN hair art salon, this creativity and knowledge is growing more and more every day, thanks to the excellent team.